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Scarecrow Weekend

Coming Soon - June/July 2020

Every other summer there is tinkering going on in garages and sheds throughout the village as everyone gears up for this extremely popular annual event. Competition and rivalry for the top spot?......of course there is!


What the seemingly inevitable of HS2 development means to our community and how the Parish Council is keeping a watchful eye...

Parish Council

From organising grass cutting of all the local verges, to campaiging for a reduced speed limit through the village, the Parish Council is working hard on behalf of the community to make Barkston Ash a better place to live.

Barkston In Bloom

Every year the communal flowerbeds and grass verges around the village spring to life in an explosion of beautiful colours, thanks to the Parish Council and the efforts of the Barkston in Bloom committee, together with their trusty crew of volunteers!

Womens Institute

The WI came to this country as a concept from Canada. It was aimed at providing women with educational opportunities and a chance to build new skills, take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them.