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  • The Twenty’s Plenty campaign is being stepped up in Barkston Ash near Tadcaster as more signs go up in the village appealing to speeding motorists to keep to 20 miles per hour.
    “ The present signs have had the desired effect to some extent, but many cars continue to drive far too fast and with two schools in the village we feel children’s lives are still at risk and that’s why we are putting up more warnings,” said Councillor John Brassington,the Twenty’s Plenty campaign chairman.

  • Highways North Yorkshire have agreed to reduce the speed limit of the A162 as it passes through the village to 30MPH.  This is great news, especially as it will help reduce traffic speeds outside Barkston Ash Primary School.
  • The new village stone name sign is now in place on the triangle at the entrance to the village. It is now lit up by a new powerful light which means it can be seen at all times.  Barkston In Boom have done a fantastic job over the summer and autumn of planting the flower bed in front of the sign which which has helped make it a great feature at the entrance to the village.