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  • 14th November is the date of the next Parish Council meeting and on this occasion, a team from the HS2 project will be on hand to answer any questions. If ever there was a time to make your presence known at a council meeting, this would be it. See the HS2 page for further information.
  • The Twenty’s Plenty campaign is being stepped up in Barkston Ash near Tadcaster as more signs go up in the village appealing to speeding motorists to keep to 20 miles per hour.
    The parish council has found the money to pay for three more signs which will be put up shortly to make drivers aware how strongly villagers feel about cars going faster than 20 mph through Barkston Ash which has several dangerous bends.
    “ The present signs have had the desired effect to some extent, but many cars continue to drive far too fast and with two schools in the village we feel children’s lives are still at risk and that’s why we are putting up more warnings,” said Councillor John Brassington,the Twenty’s Plenty campaign chairman.

  • Meanwhile, Barkston Ash councillors have approved the installation of a defibrillator on the wall of the village hall to deal with emergency cases where people are suddenly taken seriously ill and can be helped until a doctor or an ambulance arrive. Several villagers have recently been trained to use the equipment which is easy to open.

  • Councillors have also backed moves to pay for and put in place a stone village sign which should be seen for the first time in September.
    At a cost of more than £2,000, the sign, made of Yorkshire stone, will have Barkston Ash written on it and will be clearly visible as pedestrians and drivers enter the village from Tadcaster or Sherburn.

  • Christmas is rapidly aproaching, and earlier in the year children from the Roman Catholic Primary School in Barkston have raised £300 to help pay for new Christmas lights.
    Children from Class Five took part in a young enterprise project and altogether collected £2,000, some of which has been allocated to buying lights which will be erected in the village to make it as attractive as Saxton during Christmas.