What the seemingly inevitable of HS2 development means to our community and how the Parish Council is keeping a watchful eye...

It would now appear that the progress of HS2 is a foregone conclusion, affecting many rural communities across the country from south to north.

Barkston Ash Parish Council intend to closely monitor any issues that are likely to affect the local community and will be working hard to liase with both government and developers to mitigate the level of impact that those issues may raise.

The latest information on HS2 can be found at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/high-speed-two-limited where  full details of the planned route together with information on proposed compensation arrangements can be viewed.

For those that didn’t get chance to go to the meeting at Scarthingwell earlier this year, the HS2 Team indicated they will be coming to the Parish Council meeting on November 14th.

They say there will be 8 HS2 trains each hour, 4 in each direction, with the nearest boarding of these trains being in Leeds and York. There will be a 7 metre high concrete and steel viaduct between Barkston and Church Fenton.

The timetable is for work to start on the route 2023 for target completion 2033. There will be multiple bases in the local area for construction equipment, materials etc.

There were no artist impressions of the concrete and steel structure but they did confirm it is impossible to mask it visually.

There was also no information on alternatives, such as a cutting, whether considered or not, and if it was, why it was dismissed. The alternate route proposed by Church Fenton has already been dismissed.

They took feedback at Scarthingwell so it will be interesting to see whether they come armed with detail on why design decisions have been made, what alternatives have been ruled out and what the scoring criteria was for making decisions.

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Letter from Nigel Adams MP to Chris Grayling MP
(Sec of State for Transport) - 21/11/16
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Response from Andrew Jones MP (Under Sec of State for Transport) to Nigel Adams MP on behalf of Chris Grayling MP - 07/12/16   pdf icon
Email from Barkston Ash Parish Council to Nigel Adams MP
- 03/02/17
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Email response from Stephen Smith (HS2) on behalf of Nigel Adams
- 07/02/17
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