Parish Council Minutes - September 2014

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 9th September 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 9th September 2014 in the Village Hall.

Present: Jonathan Hirst (Chair), John Brassington, Catherine Daniels, Laura Fawcett, Guy Williams and Amanda Lightfoot.

Apologies: were received from Andrew Wilson.
Also present - Mr & Mrs Dickinson, Mr Lofthouse, Dr Woolley and District Councillor Keith Ellis.

Representatives from Network Rail, Scott Meadley and John Aldridge gave a presentation on the forthcoming electrification of the Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston railway line.
The benefits of the electrification would be longer trains, possible slightly shorter journey times with the benefit of the enhanced acceleration from stations.
The rolling stock will be lighter creating less impact damage to the track works and will be cheaper to build.
There will be no trackside buildings in the local area with the feeder station already located at Monk Fryston.
However, there will be work carried out on stations to provide longer platforms and canopies to accommodate the longer trains.
The main concern locally will be the reconstruction of the bridge at Church Fenton which will entail road traffic closure, the timescale for the rebuilding is not yet available.
The construction is promised to be sympathetic to the existing bridge and Network Rail will try to be sensitive to local requirements where possible
The masts supporting the pantographs will be at approximately 50 – 60mtr spacing
The trackside vegetation will be cut back to avoid overhanging branches connecting with any overhead wiring.
Health and safety requirements will be a priority as the overhead line will carry an unearthed 25K volt. The proposed timeline is:
Outline design carried out from 2014 -2015.
Detailed design stage 2015 – 2017.
Bridges and tunnels developed 2016 -2017
Completed sign off 2018. New timetable running.
Following questions from the floor the chairman thanked Mr Meadley and Mr Aldridge for the presentation.

Minutes of the July meeting were approved Catherine Daniels and John Brassington.

Matters Arising:
  • a) 20’s Plenty Campaign.
    John Brassington had had no response from Anna Salmon, national co-ordinator, requesting a report from the scrutiny committee.
    There had also been no response from County Cllr Andrew Lee.
    Catherine Daniels and John Brassington are to speak to Signtifik regarding signage for the village for advice on what would be appropriate to create the most impact. It was suggested that signs be sited at the entrances to the village.
    Guy Williams will also contact Saxton Parish Council who is also trying to reduce speed in the village.
  • b) Tree planting: a quotation had been received from D C Graham to plant, stake and guard trees along rear of the verge opposite the Ash Tree Inn.
    Ten trees were proposed at £390 + VAT. The quotation was agreed and proposed Laura Fawcett and seconded John Brassington.
  • c) Grass cutting: further information is to be forwarded from NYCC in October.
    It was suggested by CC Ellis that Church Fenton PC be approached as they are aiming to join with other local councils to agree a grass maintenance contract.
  • d) There has been no further developments on the website but the clerk will  contact Alistair Shedden to arrange a meeting.
Two invoices were approved for payment by Amanda Lightfoot and John Brassington:
  • H M Revenue and Customs – National  Insurance -  £28.80
  • Parker Hartley & Co – Accountant Fee - £31.20
8/66/0810/HPA - Single storey flat roof extensions at East Lodge, Common Road.
8/66/0824/HPA - Proposed change of flat garage roof to pitched roof, change of double door to single large door on garage at Woodside, Orchard Close.
After viewing both sets of plans there were no observations to be sent to Selby DC.

A survey of polling stations from Selby DC requesting information on the current venue for polling. This was completed.

Public Forum:
District Councillor Keith Ellis introduced himself and explained that following the boundary reorganisation he and Richard Musgrave would be the Conservative candidates.
The current District councillor Eileen Metcalfe would no longer be in the constituency.

Any Other Business:
  • An email had been received from Andrew Chapman asking if permission had been granted for any tree works on Common Road.
    The Clerk had received correspondence some time ago asking if the Parish Council owned the trees but was not aware of any other actions.
  • Councillors had received comments regarding the number of power cuts that had recently happened in the village.
    The matter will be referred to Andrew Wilson to investigate.
  • Jonathan Hirst read a history of the ‘Leper Pot’, provided by the Towton Battle Society, which is the base of a cross erected in 1461 to commemorate the death of Lord John Craven who died on the eve of the battle of Towton.
    Councillors agreed that this should be assigned as an historical site and an appropriate notice be made.
    Cllr Ellis suggested that Tadcaster Community Engagement Forum be approached to help fund the project.
     Jonathan Hirst will follow this up and also contact English heritage.
  • Concern was felt that Superfast Broadband was still not available in the village despite the assurance that it would go live on 30th August. Here is to be a further meeting at The White Horse, Church Fenton date to be announced.
  • Amanda Lightfoot was concerned about the safety of the boundary wall of Larchfield on Church Street. This wall appears dangerously bowed. The clerk will write to Dr Bower pointing this out.
  • Catherine Daniels asked if NYCC could be approached to upgrade the footpath alongside the A162 to a shared footpath and cycle path. The volume and weight of traffic making it dangerous to cycle on the road.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 11th November 2014
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