Parish Council Minutes - November 2014

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 11th November 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 11th November 2014 in the Village Hall.

Present: Jonathan Hirst (Chair), John Brassington, Catherine Daniels, Laura Fawcett, Guy Williams and Andrew Wilson.

Apologies: were received from Amanda Lightfoot.
There were no members of the public present.

Matters Arising:
  • a) Tree Planting – licence approval from NYCC is still awaited. Once the licence is issued trees will be planted by D C Graham.
  • b) Grass cutting – A letter from NYCC regarding new regulations for grass cutting from next season had been circulated prior to the meeting.
    Laura Fawcett suggested someone who currently cuts the grass in Biggin and the clerk will contact Church Fenton to enquire who they are to use.
    Jonathan Hirst asked that NYCC produce the original contract stating where the ‘discretionary service’ is described.
  • c) 20’sPlenty – the campaign is continuing with John Brassington in correspondence with Rod King, national representative, regarding our dealings with NYCC.
    Samples of the wording for the sign to be posted on the corner of Main Street/Church Street.
    The Clerk is to take the example to Signtifik for production. Once the sign is ready Guy will contact press etc and prepare a press statement to accompany the photograph.
    Initially there will be one sign in the village but others may follow if it is felt they are required.
  • d) Website – there had been no further progress but the Clerk will contact Alistair Shedden to move this forward.
Accounts were approved for payment by Laura Fawcett and Andrew Wilson.
  • HMP Askham Grange  - plants for Barkston in Bloom - £325.00
  • B Wiggins – tulip bulbs for Barkston in Bloom - £ 27.57
  • G Stephenson – Clerks fee – July – October - £229.04
  • HMRC – National Insurance - £28.60
  • Parker & Hartley – payroll fees - £31.20
Plan no 8/66/130/PA was viewed for Single storey front extension at Barkston Cottage, Main Street.  There were no observations.
Plan no 8/66/111C/PA application to remove 2 sycamore trees (T3 &T5) etc at The Maples, Common Road. There were no observations.

A letter had been received from Richard Hardman, Ramble House Ltd offering Christmas Trees. As the Clerk had had no success contacting John Harrison who had previously supplied trees it was agreed to request a quote for the village Christmas tree.
Councillors should meet on site at 10am on Saturday 6th December to erect and decorate the tree. John Lightfoot and Roy Chadwick are also to be asked if they could help.

Any Other Business.
  • Jonathan Hirst that D C Graham be asked to plant daffodil bulbs on the verge opposite the Ash Tree Inn and down Back Lane with a cost ceiling of £250.
  • No further action has been taken on the Leper Pot , Jonathan Hirst is to follow this up.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 13th January 2015
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