Parish Council Minutes - March 2015

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 10th March 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 10th March 2015 in the Village Hall.

Present: Catherine Daniels, Laura Fawcett, Guy Williams and Andrew Wilson.

Apologies: were received from Jonathan Hirst and John Brassington
Also present District Councillors Keith Ellis and Richard Musgrave.

It was agreed that in the absence of the Chairman Catherine Daniels should take the chair for the meeting.

Minutes of the January meeting had been circulated and were approved by Laura Fawcett and Andrew Wilson.

Matters Arising:
  • a) The sign for the 20’s plenty speed reminder had been posted on the fence in Main Street and was felt to be in the most appropriate position for motorists to see. It was agreed to discuss the purchase and sites for further signs until the May meeting.
  • b) Tree Planting: The clerk had received an email from NYCC highways stating that the proposed tree planting on the A162 was not appropriate and that the species of tree suggested did not comply with the NYCC list. The Clerk is to arrange a site meeting with Highways to take this further.
  • c) Website: Alistair Shedden was working on this but was waiting for input from local groups.
    The clerk is to supply details to enable him to move forward.
  • d) Grass Cutting: It is presumed that each council will make its own arrangements for the forthcoming season.
    Guy Williams is to approach Scarthingwell Golf Club to inquire if the green keeper would be prepared to take on the job.
    We are to ask for a monthly cut within the village.
The following invoices were approved for payment by Catherine Daniels and Laura Fawcett
  • G Stephenson – Clerks Fee Nov – Feb - £229.24
  • Parker Hartley – Accountants Fee - £31.20
  • HMRC – PAYE Months 10 & 11 - £28.60
  • Barkston Ash Village Hall – Hire - £90.00

A letter had been received from Amanda Lightfoot tending her resignation from the council.
This was due to work commitments after taking up a new post as headmistress at Austhorpe Primary School.

Jonathan Hirst had forwarded a discussion document from Cllr Mike Jordan regarding the Selby Economic Plan in which he suggests that alterations to the A64 and A162 would mean that heavy goods vehicles are directed through the villages en-route to the Sherburn Industrial Area. Councillors pointed out that the village was unsuitable for large vehicles and there was already a weight limit covering the villages to the east of the A162.

Any Other Business:
  • The opening of the new Selby swimming pool was discussed and Cllr Musgrave said that the facility should be open by 20th March.
    There will also be other leisure facilities on the site in forthcoming months.
  • The Clerk is to attend a meeting at the Selby Council Offices to receive information about the forthcoming council elections. Once received the clerk will issue the appropriate nomination forms.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 12th May 2015
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