Parish Council Minutes - September 2015

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 15th September 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 15th September 2015 in the Village Hall.

Present: Catherine Daniels (acting chair), John Brassington, Liane Williams, Guy Williams and Andrew Wilson.  Also present District Councillor Keith Ellis.

Apologies:  were received from Jonathan Hirst.

Minutes  of the meeting of  12th May were approved by Catherine Daniels and Andrew Wilson. There had been no meeting in July.

Matters Arising:
  • a) Speed Limit:  3 signs had been ordered and delivered, 2 post and 1 wall sign.These are to be installed at Ashfield Croft, Main Street, and 23 Main Street.Agreement is to be sought for positioning of further signs possibly on Common Road and Church Street. John Brassington and Guy Williams are to visit suitable locations.
  • b) Tree Planting: A letter had been received from Glen Donaldson NYCC explaining that there are too many underground service cables along the proposed planting area for this to be viable. The cost of re routing would be too great.
  • c) Website: There has been no movement on this. The clerk is to contact all the societies and businesses asking them to put together information for the website. The deadline being 30th November. This will then be passed to Alistair Shedden for action.
  • d) Barkston in Bloom:  The summer planting had been very successful and this will be removed at the end of September for autumn plants on 3rd or 10th October. The plants will continue to be purchased from Askham Bryan Prison.
Invoices for payment were approved by Catherine Daniels and Guy Williams.
  • HMRC – National Insurance - Months 4-6 - £43.00
  • Parker Hartley – payroll services - £31.20
  • Star signs – 20’s plenty signs - £192.00
  • Selby District Council – election expenses - £44.32
  • Andrew Smalley – grass cutting - £145.00
No planning applications had been received.
Permission  had been granted for the bungalow at New Field, Back Lane.
Cllr Ellis was asked about the application for 106 houses in Church Fenton, he said that although there had been opposition in the village there was no date for the planning committee meeting.
He also explained the traffic arrangements for the East Leeds Airport air display on 26th September and confirmed that no traffic would be directed through Barkston Ash. Catherine Daniels said that the website information was misleading as it showed Barkston Ash to be a direct route. Cllr Ellis is to forward the newsletter from Mr Makin.

There was no correspondence other than that which had been circulated prior to the meeting.
Any Other Business
Jonathan Hirst had previously suggested that daffodils should be planted on the verge alongside the A162 this was agreed. Phil Williams will be asked to do the planting.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th November 2015
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