Parish Council Minutes - January 2016

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 19th January 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday 19th January 2016 in the Village Hall.

Present:  J Hirst, Chair, John Brassington,  Catherine Daniels, Liane Williams, Guy Williams and  Andrew Wilson. 
Also present Glen Donaldson - NYCC Highways.

Minutes of the November meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and were approved Liane Williams and John Brassington.

Matters Arising:
  • a)  20’s Plenty- further signs have been ordered and positions confirmed by Liane Williams.
    Mr Donaldson explained the current position of NYCC who are not intending to look at the situation until 2017 following the publication of a current government survey. John Brassington questioned the fact that York had a blanket cover of 20mph signs. This had been the decision funded by York City Council. Mr Donaldson confirmed that the signs put up by the Parish Council would not be removed unless they encroached onto the highway.
    Mr Donaldson is to forward information regarding the Manage, Maintain and Improve document regarding roads and road safety; he also suggested contacting Steve Burrell who organises speed checks.
    With regard to the 30mph sign on Common Lane Mr Donaldson said that the speed limit sign remained in the original position. The photograph provided by Mrs Mather at the last meeting showed the village name sign which has now been incorporated with the 30mph sign. Should the council decide that the sign should be moved further to the east the cost would be in the region of £5000 and the council would need to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order.
    The danger to cyclists travelling through the village was discussed but as it a highway route no action can be taken to prevent them.
  • b)  Website – It was agreed to ask Alistair Shedden to set up the website with the information that he has already been given. Other items to populate the site can be added later.
Three invoices were approved for payment by Guy Williams and Catherine Daniels.
  • Barkston Ash Village Hall – hall hire - £90.00
  • HMRC – NIC Months 9 & 10 - £28.80
  • Parker Hartley – accountant fees -£31.20
Plans for an extension at Saw Wells Court for Mr & Mrs Gee had been circulated and no observations were made.

Any Other Business:
Thanks were extended to Andrew Wilson for taking down the Christmas tree.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 8th March 2016
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