Parish Council Minutes - March 2016

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 15th March 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 in the Village Hall.

Present:  Jonathan Hirst (Chair), John Brassington, Catherine Daniels and Guy Williams.

Apologies were received from Liane Williams and Andrew Wilson.          
Minutes of the January meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and were approved Guy Williams and Catherine Daniels.

Matters Arising
  • a)  20’s Plenty- further signs have been ordered and delivered.
    An email had been received from Glen Donaldson, NYCC, stating that the signs were in breach of copyright rules and also non authorised signs can only be erected with the consent of the Secretary of state.
    The clerk is to respond pointing out that the signs were discussed at the March meeting, which Mr Donaldson attended, and he failed to point this out or make any comment regarding the signs. The signs were in place prior to Mr Donaldson‘s visit. All of the signs were on private property and did not encroach the highway and if they were to be removed by NYCC this would be a case of trespass.
    Catherine Daniels suggested that should Mr Donaldson’s objection be upheld the council could order a 20mph signs with a green surround to overlay on the existing signs.
    The Clerk is to enquire from NYCC whether the 20mph limit in Bolton Percy is mandatory or if it has been an advisory one instigated by the village.
  • b)  Website – Alistair Shedden is currently working on the website and additional information will be added once the site is running.

Three invoices were approved for payment by John Brassington and Catherine Daniels
  • HMRC – NIC Month 11 - £14.20
  • Parker Hartley – Accountant Fees - £31.20
  • G Stephenson – Clerks fee Dec – Feb  £171.83 
Plans for change of use of dwelling to nursery facility at Rainbow Nursery were viewed.
There were no objections.

Any Other Business:
  • Complaints had been received regarding dog fouling, particularly on Saw Wells Lane.
    Local residents have spoken to the professional dog walkers who regularly use the lane and new signs – made by the residents – are to be put up.
    In order to prosecute members of the public who allow their dogs to foul in public spaces there has to be proof sent to the dog warden at Selby District Council.
  • Barkston Ash Catholic School have expressed a wish to sponsor a flower bed for one year. This will be discussed at the Barkston in Bloom meeting. The only bed which is not currently sponsored is on the corner of Back Lane and Orchard Lane.
  • Jonathan Hirst suggested that for health and safety reasons the bus shelter on London Road should be inspected to ensure that it would remain safe during the high winds.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10th May 2016
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