Parish Council Minutes - May 2016

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 10th May 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 10th May, in the Village Hall.

Present:  Catherine Daniels, Liane Williams, Guy Williams, Andrew Wilson.  In the absence of the Chairman, Jonathan Hirst, Mrs Daniels took the chair for the start of the meeting.

Apologies were received from John Brassington.

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March had been circulated prior to the meeting and were proposed Guy Williams and seconded Catherine Daniels.

Election of Officers:
Catherine Daniels was proposed Chair by Liane Williams and seconded by Andrew Wilson – all in agreement.
Guy Williams was proposed as Vice Chair by Catherine Daniels and seconded by Andrew Wilson – all agreed.
Following the resignation of Jonathan Hirst the vacancy had been advertised and there was no requirement for an election. There had been an existing vacancy following the parish council elections in 2015.
Two names were put forward to fill the vacancies, Mrs Susan Williams and Dr Katy Turton.
Both were proposed by Catherine Daniels and seconded by Liane Williams.
Acceptance of Office and Declaration of interest forms will be completed and returned to Selby District Council.

Matters Arising:
  • a) 20’s Plenty - John Brassington had forwarded correspondence he had received bringing the council up to date with the current position. Glen Donaldson has agreed to meet with councillors to discuss the issue of illegality of the current signs used in the village.
    Catherine Daniels had spoken to Mark Baddon of the Sign Group who assured her that the signs had been discussed with NYCC before delivery; this will be discussed at the meeting.
  • b) Grass Cutting - The village grassed areas are now being cut by Concept 9 Property Upkeep as Mr Smalley who had cut the grass previously could no longer do the work.
  • c) Barkston in Bloom - The Clerk said that the beds were to be cleared before the end of May and the new planting done early June. Sponsorship had been found for all the beds.
  • d) Website - Alistair Shedden who is creating the website has been disappointed with the response when asking for content for the site. A meeting will be set up to discuss this with him.  Due to the length of time that he has spent working on this project it was agreed to make an interim payment of £500 this was proposed Guy Williams and seconded Andrew Wilson.
Invoices for payment were approved Andrew Wilson and Liane Williams:
Concept 9 – grass cutting - £112.50
Parker Hartley – payroll charges - £49.50
HMRC – Nat Insurance - £28.60
Aon – Insurance - £247.29
A Smalley – grass cutting (final payment) - £150.00

As Mr Hirst is no longer a councillor he will be replaced by Guy Williams as a cheque signatory.

There had been no new planning applications to view.
The application for change of use from dwelling to nursery at Rainbow Nursery had been granted.

  • Complaints had been received about the offensive smells coming from Copley Lane Quarry.The clerk is to contact the Environment Agency about this.
Any Other Business:
  • Following the resurfacing of the footpaths in the village Mr Donaldson is to be asked if this will continue onto the A162 as the footpath from Main Street to the school retains standing water, causing the children to walk on the cobbled area.
  • Catherine Daniels had received some information regarding the village name signs. These were stone and could have a plaque with the village name attached. The company would liaise with NYCC regarding positioning etc.  It was agreed that this should be followed up with a view to a sign on the triangle and one on Common Lane.
  • It was agreed that the clerk should write to Jonathan Hirst thanking him for his work initially as a councillor and then  Chair of the council.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 12th July 2016
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