Parish Council Minutes - August 2016

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 9th August 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 9th August 2016 in the Village Hall.

Present:  Catherine Daniels (Chair), John Brassington, Liane Williams, Guy Williams, Sue Williams and Andrew Wilson.
Minutes of the meeting held on 10th May had been circulated prior to the meeting and were proposed Guy Williams and seconded Liane Williams.

Matters Arising:
  • a) 20’s Plenty - Catherine Daniels reported on a meeting with Glen Donaldson, NYCC Highways regarding the signs that had been put up in the village.
    The ‘breach of copyright’ issue was discussed and it was agreed that Signtifik would overlay the red roundels with green. Alteration to additional signs that had not yet been positioned would be discussed at a future meeting.
    In a reply to the Clerk Mr Donaldson had said that Gary Lumb, NYCC, was considering moving the 30mph sign on Common Road further east to bring the entire village into the speed limit zone. The Clerk had sent a report to ‘95 Alive’ detailing the speeding problems in the village but still awaited a reply, this will be followed up.
  • b) Website -  As this was now becoming urgent Alistair Shedden is to be asked to a meeting in the hall to discuss progress. Katy Turton had spoken to both Barkston Ash Primary School and Rainbow Nursery inviting them to send information for inclusion on the site.
Invoices for payment were approved Catherine Daniels and Liane Williams:
  • Concept 9 – Grass Cutting - £165.00
  • Parker Hartley – Payroll and Audit charges - £106.80
  • HMRC – Nat Insurance - £43.00
  • 1&1 Internet – Repaid to G Stephenson - £83.85
  • Clerks Fee  March – July - £286.45 
New mandate forms were signed and Guy Williams will complete his  individual form and deliver to Barclays Bank.

Application 8/66/98H/PA to remove trees covered by TPO at The Woodlands, Common Road, had been granted with conditions on the replacement species.
Application 8/66/62D/PA  Proposed erection of two storey side extension at Springwell Gardens, Common Road had been refused

Complaints had again been received about the offensive smells coming from Copley Lane Quarry.
The clerk has contacted the Environment Agency who has said that steps are being taken to ‘fire off’ the gasses at the quarry and then it will be capped off.  Further incidents will be reported again should  they occur.

Any Other Business:
  • Village Signs: Catherine Daniels had discussed with Glen Donaldson the positioning of stone village signs on the triangle, Main Street and on the approach to the village on Common Road. Mr Donaldson said that a recent change in regulations prohibited such signs as they now had to be made of material that would absorb the impact of a vehicle or crumple if hit. It was agreed that the council should apply for a sign on the triangle and await the outcome.
  • Tree planting:  Catherine Daniels suggested a programme of tree planting, initially along the south verge, Back Lane, which would endeavour to reduce the volume of rail traffic and act as a screen when the HS2 rail extension works begin.  Planting down Saw Wells was also discussed but the ownership of the land is to be confirmed.
    The Clerk said that the tree saplings along the footpath A162 outside  ‘Shingleton’ had now been removed.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 13th September 2016
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