Parish Council Minutes - January 2017

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 10th January 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 10th January, in the Village Hall.
Present: Catherine Daniels - Chair, John Brassington, Catherine Turton, Guy Williams, Liane Williams, Sue Williams and Andrew Wilson.
There were no apologies and no members of the public present.

Minutes of the September meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and were approved by John Brassington and Catherine Turton.

Matters Arising:
  • 20’s Plenty – Liane Williams had not been successful in contacting the sign maker who had made the extra signs. Catherine Daniels will contact Signtifik to ask him to make the green decals. It was confirmed that the three signs would be erected in the gardens at: Shingleton, Main Street, Moorfield, Common Road and Ivy Brook Lodge, Saw Wells Lane.
  • Website - A meeting is to be arranged with Alistair Shedden to initiate the live website. Once the site is live the web address will be advertised in the village and updates will be done ‘in house’.
  • Tree Planting - A map of the area that trees are proposed in Back Lane has been sent to NYCC. The response is awaited.  It had been noted that trees on the railway embankment had been cut back. The Clerk is to enquire from Network Rail why the work was being carried out and whether the trees are to be replaced.
  • Village sign - Details were confirmed and the planning application is to be submitted.
Invoices for payment were approved by Andrew Wilson and Sue Williams:
  • Jeni Dickenson – Postage for Barkston in Bloom sponsorship letters - £6.05
  • Parker Hartley – Payroll services - £46.80
  • Barkston Ash Village Hall – Hall rent 2016/17 - £90.00
  • HMRC – PAYE/NIC months 8 & 9 - £28.60
  • A letter had been received from HMRC stating that cheques were no longer accepted. The Clerk will make future payments via Bacs once authorised.
Application for erection of a first floor extension at Shenstone, Tadcaster Road, Sherburn in Elmet had been granted.

The application 8/66/13/A/PA. 
Outline application with all matters reserved for erection of a detached bungalow on land adjacent to Ivy House, Back Lane. This had been circulated prior to the meeting and was returned with no observations.

The application8/66/29L/PA.
Section 73 application to remove condition 03 - occupation of annexe with extension of time and erection of detached two bedroom annexe at Jubilee Cottage, Common Lane.
The plans were viewed at the meeting and councillors felt that the 03 condition should remain.

Any Other Business:
The Clerk had been contacted by a member of the village complaining about the dirty state of the telephone box in Main Street. The clerk explained that all telephone boxes with very little use were to be removed and the one in Barkston Ash fitted the criteria. The timescale for removal is not known.

Catherine Daniels said that she felt that the Christmas tree supplied this year was the best one we have had. Several people had commented on it. Further Christmas lights through the village are to be considered for the 2017 season. Andrew Chapman is to research the availability of a suitable electrical supply.

Catherine Turton had spoken to Mr Power, head, Barkston Ash Primary School regarding the ‘Young Enterprise’ scheme run in school in the autumn term. Mr Power would like to use some of the money raised to benefit the village. A defibrillator had been suggested.
Catherine Turton is to investigate those available from providers such as Yorkshire Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation. The Parish Council would share the initial cost and be responsible for any annual maintenance charge.
The clerk is to ask Church Fenton Parish Council who supplied the one at their Village Hall.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th March 2017.
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