Parish Council Minutes - March 2017

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 21st March 2017

|| - DRAFT COPY - ||
Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 21st March, in the Village Hall.
Present: Catherine Daniels - Chair, John Brassington, Catherine Turton, Guy Williams, Sue Williams and Andrew Wilson.

Apologies: Liane Willams.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 10th January were circulated prior to the meeting and approved  Andrew Wilson and Sue Williams.

Matters Arising:
  • 20’s plenty campaign - The decals for the extra signs are to be ordered and once complete to be erected in the village at positions previously agreed.NYCC are to be contacted, again, requesting speed checks through the village.
  • Website - this is now live and the poster advertising the site details will be put on the electricity substation fence.
  • Tree Planting/Village sign - NYCC to be asked to confirm a date for a meeting to discuss these topics.
  • Defibrillator – Katy Turton has received a defibrillator free of charge from the British Heart Foundation. The position was discussed and it was agreed that if the notice board could be adapted to accommodate it this would be the best position for access for the entire village.
    Catherine Daniels will ask Dr Bower if it would be possible to adapt the notice board.
    Andrew Wilson is to enquire about an electric supply for the defibrillator.
  • HS2 - the response to the consultation document had been returned.
Invoices for payment were approved by Andrew Wilson and Guy Williams:
  • HMRC – NIC contributions - Months 10/11 & 12 -  £43.00
  • G Stephenson – Clerks Fee - Nov–March -  £286.45
  • Sherburn Community Trust – Library contribution - £160.00
  • Parker Hartley – Payroll charges - £46.80
NYCC notice of County Council elections to be held on 4th May.
It was agreed that the clerk should write to the nominated candidates to ask for their views on HS2 and the 20’s plenty campaign.

Any Other Business:
Catherine Daniels suggested that further Christmas lights be purchased for display through the village. This was agreed and details will be discussed later in the year.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9th May 2017.
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