Village Hall Information

Barkston Ash Village Hall has, over the years, been at the very heart of our village community. 


Hall Information

The hall has undergone many changes over the years being used at one point as additional barracking for men stationed at RAF Church Fenton during the Second World War through to its recent use as a base for the local village Nursery School and venue for many village events.  

Over the past few years the hall has been extensively updated to meet current health and safety regulations.  In 2009 the kitchen was completely renovated and is now a modern area complete with cooker, microwave and fridge.  In addition to the installation of new double glazed windows and doors, we have added a new ceiling in the main hall together with a complete replacement of the heating system, improving the overall space and environment.

The hall also benefits from new seating and tables. More recently all the floors were sanded and varnished and the hall has been decorated throughout.

Our renovations and improvements have enhanced the facilities, providing a bright, clean, safe and pleasant environment, in which to hold many different types of function, whilst retaining the character of an old building.

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Barkston Ash village Hall is now one of the smartest halls around and makes a fantastic venue for any event.  The village hall committee continues to fundraise to enable further improvements in the future.

Rates for hiring the hall are detailed in the Booking section together with contact details. We will always try to accommodate specific requests so please feel free to ask any questions.

Events that currently take place in the hall include:

  • Monthly Village Meetings (Parish Council, Village Hall Committee)
  • Monthly WI Meetings and Events
  • Monthly Village Coffee Mornings
  • Barkston Ash Nursery (term time only)
  • Barkston Ash Scarecrow Weekend
  • Barkston Ash Village Show
  • Barkston Harmonies Informal Singing Group
  • Barkston Kiddies Club Easter Egg Hunt
  • Barkston Kiddies Club Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Barkston Kiddies Club Halloween Disco
  • Harvest Festival
  • Local and National Elections
  • Christmas Coffee Morning

Rates & Bookings

Booking Details and Pricing – How to Book

The hall comprises of two halls with a separate kitchen and toilet facilities. The Small Hall can be booked separately if required.

The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, microwave oven, fridge, kettle, toaster and large hot water urn. Hirers of the Hall are free to use all crockery, cutlery and glasses although we do ask that they bring their own tea towels and table linen.

Typical events that are held at the hall include:

  • Childrens Parties
  • Christening Teas
  • Wedding Anniversary Celebrations
  • Evening Celebrations (eg: 18th, 21st, 40th and 50th Birthday Parties)
  • Charity Fundraising
  • AGMs

Terms and Conditions of Hire are provided as a Pdf download link below. All Hirers of the Hall are required to sign the Hire Agreement before using the Hall.

Terms & Conditions

Hire Rates

Main Hall (includes Small Hall and Kitchen) £35 (nominal 2hr party)
Evening/Full Day Booking £60
Small Hall Only £15 per hour

How to Book

Please feel free to ask for a tour of the hall or enquire about any specific booking requests.

To check availability and make a reservation please call Andy and Sally on 01937 557324, email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or enquire online by clicking the link below


Online Booking Enquiry

Hall History

The story of Barkston Ash Village Hall begins on 3rd November 1937 when a Public Meeting was held in the Church Institute.

This had been called by C.E. Fletcher Esq. of "Larchfield" who, having recently purchased a barn close to Barkston Parish Church, was prepared to let this at a nominal rent and furthermore he was prepared to alter and convert the barn at his own expense by the addition of lean to buildings at the rear and side, to be used as a General Purposes Room and Kitchen. S. Watson had prepared rough sketches and it was agreed that work would begin on Saturday 6th November 1937 using voluntary labour. A General Management Committee was elected to serve for one year consisting of seven ladies and seven gentlemen and the first Committee Meeting was held on 6th December 1937 in the Church Institute at which Officers were elected along with 24 Vice Presidents representing most of the families in the Village.

Such was the enthusiasm of the volunteer labour that a Social Evening was held in the Village Hall on 30th December 1937. The Official Opening took place on Friday 28th January 1938, the ceremony being performed by Mr. A.J. Lazenby of Leeds following which a Whist Drive and Dance were held. The report by Mr. Broadhead, the Honorary Secretary, tells us that 300 persons attended "the affray proved a splendid success in pleasure for the rollickers and financially for the Village Hall", the profit being in excess of £30. Among the, first duties of the Committee was the scrubbing out of the General Purposes Room and decoration by the men of the Village Hall.
In the months that followed dances were held every Saturday, admission sixpence (2½ new pence), dancing was to "The Tim Bortoft Dance Services" and Whist Drives were held on alternate Monday evenings.

In September Mr. Fletcher presented his account for all the fittings in the Hall from the Piano costing £19 to 12 packs of cards costing sixteen shillings and three pence. It is interesting to note that the 100 Bentwood Chairs cost five shillings and seven pence each and were used by the Hall for over fifty years until they were sold and replaced by plastic stacking chairs in 1989.

It had been agreed that the General Purposes Room would be used as a Club Room for Games and this duly commenced on 5th October 1938. A Billiard Table was donated by Mr. A.T. Lazenby of Leeds with Mr. D. Atkinson contributing two Dart Boards. Among the purchases were four sets of light darts, four sets of heavy darts, sets of Draughts and Dominoes. An evening paper would be purchased on the nights when the club was held. Minimum age for members would be 14 with membership fees five shillings for men and two shillings and sixpence for boys aged 14 - 18. Any "outside" person wanting to be a member of the Club required a statement by the Committee stating whether he was acceptable. There is no reference whatsoever in the records of ladies being admitted so it must be assumed that it was a Gentlemen only club. How times have changed!!


At the first Annual General Meeting held on 30th September 1938 the elected Committee consisted of 25 Gentlemen and 23 Ladies. Separate Dance and Club Committees were formed and a Caretaker was appointed. It was also agreed that three "volunteers" would attend the Hall every Saturday afternoon to chop firewood for the Caretaker. 

At the Committee Meeting held on 20th October 1938 it was proposed that the Ladies have the first Tuesday in the month at their disposal for a night in the Village Hall. The Committee agreed with the promise that if the Ladies did not turn up in sufficient numbers to make it pay "the same to automatically be done away with".
The first Christmas Old Folks Treat was held on 28th December 1938 with 31 persons over 65 and 55 over 60 attending. Provisions for the treat included one 20 lb Ham; two 321b Tongues and 10 lbs of Pork all to be purchased in the Village in equal shares to Shop Keepers and Butchers. This would be very difficult in 2011!

With the approach of War early in 1939, a letter was received from the West Riding Education Department enquiring whether the Hall could be used as a temporary school for children evacuated from industrial areas. At a Committee Meeting on 23rd March 1939 it was agreed that the Hall could be let to the Education Department if required for thirty shillings per week excluding lighting and heating.

The last Committee Meeting was held on 11th October 1939. The Minutes of this Meeting were signed as a true record by Mr. Atkinson on 26th July 1945 almost six years later. The Management of Barkston Ash Village Hall had been temporarily interrupted by the Second World War.

History compiled and written by AE & M Wright