Parish Council Minutes - May 2017

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 Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 9th May 2017

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Minutes of the meeting of Barkston Ash Parish Council held on Tuesday, 9th May 2017.

Present: Catherine Daniels - Chair, Katy Turton and Sue Williams. Also present two members of the public, Mr & Mrs Taylor.

Apologies: received from Liane Williams, Guy Williams, John Brassington and Andrew Wilson.

Minutes of the meeting held on 21st March (circulated) were proposed Sue Williams and seconded Katy Turton.

Election of Officers:
It was proposed Sue Williams and seconded Katy Turton that the officers remained in position for the forthcoming year. Catherine Daniels - Chair, Guy Williams - Vice Chair.

Matters Arising:
  • 20’s Plenty campaign – The extra 20mph signs had been taken to Signtific for replacement green decals. Once complete they will be put in situ at the previously agreed sites.
  • Tree Planting – Following a meeting between Catherine Daniels and Katy Turton and Glen Donaldson (NYCC) plans had been received showing services along Back Lane. It would appear that there is a gas pipeline that could be damaged. The Clerk is to ask the gas company for the exact location of the pipe.
    The Clerk is to write to Dr Bower and Miss Lightfoot, owners of land nearer the railway line to ask permission to plant trees on their field border. It was also suggested that other sites could be looked at including A162 south of Back Lane and Saw Wells Lane.
  • Village sign – At the same meeting with NYCC it was agreed that the stone sign that had been discussed could be positioned on the triangle. There was discussion at the meeting whether the sign should have two faces showing ‘Barkston Ash’.
    Catherine Daniels is to request design suggestions from the stonemason.
  • Barkston in Bloom – The planting in February had been very disappointing due to the exceptionally dry weather and lack of volunteer watering.  A second planting of pansies had been done on Main Street. It had been agreed to buy the summer bedding plants from Leeds City Council Parks Dept. These will be planted w/c 27th May.
  • Public Access Defibrillator -  It was agreed that the most suitable position for this to be positioned would be on an external wall at the Village Hall, this being a central location with an available electricity supply. The Clerk is to write to the Village Hall Committee requesting permission.The installation and associated costs would paid by the Parish Council. The Clerk to contact an electrician to connect supply.
    Once in place there will be information leaflets delivered in the village and dates given for training which will be provided by Katy Turton.
  • Plan 8/66/89C/PA  Application to crown clean a beech tree in the church yard at Holy Trinity Church had been granted.
  • Plan 2016/1248/HPA proposed two storey side extension – notification that this application was to be appealed by the applicant.
  • Plan 8/66/28M/PA  Section 3 ( occupation of annexe) erection of  detached two bedroom annexe.
    Councillors had viewed the plans and are concerned by the size of the property and that it would have a detrimental effect on the immediate neighbours by vehicles entering/exiting the driveway.
    On the original plans the council had requested that the annexe be located neared to Jubilee Cottage in order for it to be acceptable as an annexe.
  • Councillor viewed a plan for up to 100 houses proposed to be built in Church Fenton and although this council is not included in any consultations it is felt that this will impact on Barkston Ash with traffic travelling to Leeds and M1. The Clerk is to write to N Y Highways to ask that this consideration be taken into account.
Invoices for payment by bank transfer were agreed Catherine Daniels and Katy Turton:
  • Concept 9 property upkeep – Grass cutting - April - £165.00
  • Yorks Local Council Association – Membership 17/18 - £124.00
  • HMRC – NIC  - Month 1 - £14.20
  • Parker Hartley – Payroll services - £33.60
The payment to AON insurance is due on 1st June but needs to be revised to cover the P A Defibrillator.

Any Other Business:
Catherine Daniels had approached Dr Bower for his suggestions on a new village notice board.  He had sent a photograph of one he had recently constructed for Wistow. 
The new noticeboard would have a roof shelter and be wider than the existing. It was agreed that the glazed area was not required and Parish notices could be included in the general display area.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 11th July 2017
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